Recent Paintings


The Lost Book of No Returns, 2015, 106 x 96 cm, Luigi Monteferrante. Gallery:


Claire’s Planet, acrylic on wood, 106 x 96 cm, 2015. Luigi Monteferrante


Girls Rock/The Furies, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 105 x 100 cm. Luigi Monteferrante


The Winters, Madame et Monsieur, 2015, acrylic on wood, 106 x 96 cm, Luigi Monteferrante

Above, my most recent paintings, Girls Rock being the last of 2014, and The Winters my latest work, a throwback to my days in Montreal.

Between the two, I have written a 325-page script for a graphic novel, adaptable for cinema, too; and a children’s story, only 50 pages, also a graphic novel.

Neither, however, have been illustrated. The original idea was, indeed, to illustrate them myself. The first was only meant to be a one-episode self-contained story; a second episode followed, then a third, etc.

I debated deep and long about what to do; if I did the art work one script page at a time, it would take me a year.

Did/do I want to spend a year illustrating a story?

The simple answer is: NO.

The main reason is I’d rather spend time writing Part Two; I have a few ideas written down, and would rather pursue and develop a number of characters and plotlines, and so on.

Same goes for the shorter story. It, too, has room for development.

I have managed to find an artist who is considering whether to do the illustrations; she does very nice work, and I think it would be perfect for the job.

But she has to like the script.

So we shall wait and we shall see.

Meanwhile, I am surprised I have started writing again, in a big way; and my visual work has translated and transformed my writing – the scripts, at least.

Now I should spend some time looking and finding a suitable publisher, at least one other illustrator for the children’s story. And a gallery, of course. Even two, or three, but one would suffice, as would a collector who actually buys a painting.

Nothing like cash to measure your Worth, eh? Or at least what society thinks it is.

But my main job is to do the work, so it’s back to the drawing board.

So long.

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