Graphic Novel


Most everyone I know knows me as a writer and poet, one who’s been writing all his life, declining other pleasures and work, to focus on his writing.

At the end of 2013, that all changed radically. I started painting. I painted incessantly, from morning to night, day after day.

Not having a real job has, in fact, its benefits.

Over time, I built up a significant body of work, which can be seen at:

A month ago, however, I began work on a comic strip. I started with its two main characters, two cops in a guttersnipe world, and finished an episode.

Then a second, third, fifteenth, twentieth episode – until I finally wrote:


It needed revising, of course, and I  revised and rewrote, and am close to finishing.

What started as a 15-page episode is now a 250 page script.

Once the written script is completed,  what to do?

I ought to illustrate one episode at a time, but this first script has already spawned a second part with characters to develop, subplots to expand, questions to answer.

If only I had infinite time…

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