Shipwrecked, acrylic on wood, 106 x 96 cm, Luigi Monteferrante,  2014

Shipwrecked, acrylic on wood, 106 x 96 cm, Luigi Monteferrante, 2014

This is simply how I feel when I am not painting.  A stormy sea, a ship on the horizon that appears to be afloat, but for how much longer?

I feel the same.  Not being in a gallery, not getting attention, not drawing a handful of collectors, journalists, curators is beginning to weigh heavily on me. It takes me longer to jump from bed, but once up, I am fast at work, buoyed by my     visitations, visions, muses, and love of the physical act of painting, the full ritual: putting on an old blue robe, preparing a fresh pot of tea, turning on the radio, filling a cup with water for my paintings, rolling out my tray of paints, squeezing paint from tubes, applying that first stroke onto the board – I am off in a blustery breeze, rain or shine,  on deck to face the oncoming squalls and storms into the unknown, excited, enthralling,  exhausting – my right arm sometimes aches – but ultimately fulfilling.

Now I do sail. A sailor at port is pleased, satisfied to stretch his legs,  talk to people ashore,  have a shot of rum or two, but it won’t be long, he will begin to be assailed by a malaise; the only cure, to board ship, and sail off again into territories,  new and unexplored,  or old and familiar; so, too, I with some recent work.

Excluding Shipwrecked.

Notwithstanding my own malaise, spleen, ennui, listlessness, deep frustration for the above mentioned reasons, to be expected, a feeling shared by many artists, writers, poets, and I happen to be all three, there is at least one other interpretation to this picture.

Look closely, and what appears to be a ship on the horizon, also looks like a turned head; from there, follow the distended body, shoulders,  chest,  abdomen, hips of a body washed ashore.

Wet, tried, beaten and stormbashed, but alive, blood and firewater in his gut.

Ready for a new rumbunctious adventure.

2014-11-28 18.27.28Dancing at The Jive, acrylic on wood, 106 x 96 cm, Luigi Monteferrante 2014

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