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Year One Luigi Monteferrante

A year ago yesterday, 2 November, 2013,  I started my first painting: Boating to Alphaville. Since, I have built up a considerable body of work, as anyone can see at the Paintings link:

A year has gone by, almost entirely dedicated to painting. Each and every day, except for trips to Bruxelles and London,  and August on the beach with family, I worked in the turret and in the garden grateful for the time, space and opportunity to do and paint as and what I pleased. No pressure, but my own solitary pursuit of some insubstantial ideal transformed via my rough hands into icon. From idea to icon. Irreligious, no; nor sacred, but for the blind faith and almost stupid devotion to a need to bring order, pattern, expression and color to an inner vision, an ethereal plan made concrete. Or painterly.

Today, Monday, Year Il, I will celebrate…

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